CTS/CTL/CTU/CTZ - Cross-Talk Attenuators Series

Cross-Talk Attenuators


  • The Q-Tech range of Cross-Talk attenuators has been designed to provide a low resistance to air flow whilst maintaining a high degree of acoustic attenuation.
  • The CT series should be considered wherever a relief air passage is required to penetrate a building’s acoustic barrier.
  • Four styles are available in both standard and high-performance configurations: -
          - CTS - for simple wall penetration above ceiling
          - CTL - wall to ceiling penetration
          - CTU - ceiling to ceiling penetration
          - CTZ - installation within the wall





install  Installation

  • Special care should be taken when installing CT Series Cross- Talk units to ensure maximum performance.
  • Consideration must be given to the sound rating of the wall or ceiling being penetrated.
  • It is essential that a tight airseal is achieved between the crosstalk unit and the wall/ceiling penetration.
  • When high performance units are used additional mass lagging of the unit casing may be required to prevent flanking transmission.
  • This can usually be provided by building-in the cross-talk unit during the building construction phase.

  Suggested Specifications

  • Room to room Cross-Talk attenuators shall be similar to Q-Tech CT models and shall have the acoustic performance as scheduled.
  • The cross-talk attenuators shall be of a proven design and must have an established history of use.
  • Each unit shall consist of a galvanised sheet metal casing and be provided with internal parallel splitters.
  • The splitter infill material shall be a sound absorbing material as specified by the manufacturer.
  • The infill material shall be covered with a gauze scrim to prevent erosion of the fibres then encased in galvanised perforated sheet metal.
  • The infill material when tested in accordance with AS1530, Part 3, 1989 shall have the following indices: -

          - Ignitability 0
          - Spread of flame 0
          - Heat evolved 0
          - Smoke developed 0

  • The contractor shall ensure that an airtight seal is achieved around all wall penetrations to maintain acoustic integrity.
  • Where necessary additional mass lagging shall be applied to the outside of the attenuators to prevent flanking transmission.
  • All units shall have a constant active acoustic length irrespective of grille or section size.
  • Standard units shall have an active length of 900mm and high-performance units an active length of 1800mm.
  • Acoustic performance specified is quoted as transmission loss as defined in AS1191:1985.

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