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Noise Control - RS / RT Rectangular Duct Attenuators Series

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These notes apply to RS and RT type attenuators.


The units are rigidly constructed and consist of a galvanised sheet metal casing containing a series of centre and side splitters. The casing is provided with Pittsburgh corner seams. End flanges have a red oxide finish and are not drilled as standard unless ordered with matching flanges. The splitters are filled with non-hygroscopic and incombustible magterial. This material is covered with a gauze scrim and then further covered with galvanised perforated sheet metal. Where attenuators are exposed to the weather, all infill matariel shall be lined with an impervious film to prevent ingress on moisture.

Standard attenuators are suitable for duct pressures up to 1kPa.

Attenuators suitable for higher pressures, or manufactured from special materials such as stainless steel or aluminium, are available on request. In addition special finishes such as epoxy coating can be provide.



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